Regular Healing Meditations

group retreats and seminars

Would you like to take part in a healing seminar or group retreat and get to know Inayatiyya Healing in your country? Do you aim to get to know how to meditate and get in contact with Inayatiyya Healing in a local group or on zoom? Would you like to integrate meditation practice into your daily life?

We offer diverse healing courses, meetings, group retreats and trainings in diverse countries and online. Our international Inayatiyya Healing teachers regularly guide healing meditations. Find out possibilities to join online or in presence here.

In Germany


In Germany, group retreats with healing rituals and meditation with Sarfaraz Karin Püscher‑Findeisen und Kabir Peter Findeisen take place in Bad Bevensen. Guided meditations in the group are complemented by individually given exercises. We use exercises from the Sufi mystics, exercises from the meditation schools of yoga, Buddhism and Christianity, as described and integrated by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in his newly retreat process. This is completed by various elements such as healing rituals, creative media, dances or bodywork. During breaks it is advisable to remain silent in order to intensify the retreat process.
Language: German.
For more information, please visit the Caduceus website here.

Next possibilities:
May 2nd to May 5th 2024.
November 7th to November 10th 2024.

Our next annual Inayatiyya Germany Healing Seminar in Northern Germany is taking place from June, 28th to 30th 2024 in, Caduceus Centre, Bad Bevensen, Northern Germany with Qayyima Brückel, Kabir Findeisen, Basira Hasemann, Zahira Limpius, Sarfaraz Püscher‑Findeisen, Detlef Schäfer, and Khair‑un‑Nisa Veigt.
Language: German.
Please reserve this date; details forthcoming later.


A voice about
the Inayatiyya Germany Annual Healing Seminar in summer 2023
Healing through the all‑pervading life.


From June 29 to July 2, 2023, about 30 people met at the Caduceus Centre in Bad Bevensen and engaged with the Earth. Through guided meditations, dances, chants and visits to various power places on the grounds, we were able to tune into the all‑pervading spirit and express our gratitude to Mother Earth. The whole experience was topped by delicious vegetarian meals. A huge thank you to the organisers and participants!

Halima Rosemarie Heller,
Erlangen, Germany


What life means becomes clear when people come together in the open centre and, together and each for themselves, open themselves to embrace what healing can mean. The All‑pervading then happens in the warm atmosphere, in the wooden huts, while meditating, contemplating, celebrating and eating together.

Latifa Stefanie Kühn,
Hamburg, Germany


Our next annual Healing Seminar in Southern Germany will take place from September, 20 to 22nd 2024 in: Oehlerhof, Oberrüsselbach (near Nürnberg / Erlangen) with Halima Heller and friends.
Language: German.
For more information, please contact the German Shefayat Kabir Peter Findeisen here.


Please find here a report about our annual meeting in September 2023.


Healing meditation classes in Marburg Germany are regularly offered by Khair‑un‑nisa Kerstin Veigt. If you are interested to be part of it, please send an email to Khair‑un‑nisa here.
Language: German.


Weekends in Healing Presence are taking place three times a year at the Akademie Lichtung, Southern Germany, where we support each other in our healing processes. See offers at "Aktuelles" on our German Website here.

In Norway

In Norway & via Zoom, healing meditations take place in Oslo with Qalbi Siddique, Shefayat (national leader) of Inayatiyya Healing in Norway. She leads a healing group (Zoom) every 3rd Tuesday of the month and a Zikr group (Zoom) every 4th Tuesday of the month. She is also staring another meditation Gatha group.
Language: Norwegian.


The monthly meditation group in Asker with Rabia Eli‑Anne is held every first Wednesday of the month at 6.30 p.m.
Language: Norwegian.

Rabia Eli‑Anne and Qalbi Nadia are representatives of inner school Inayatiyya in Norway and are also available as guides for personal spiritual guidance. For more information about these and more offers in Norway, please contact the Norwegian Shefayat Qalbi Siddique here.

In Portugal

Silent Sufi Healing Retreat (Central Portugal) in September 2024
2024 ‑ 12th September to 19th September with Farzana Dalila‑Boyle. For details and booking please email Yago here. Places are limited. Please book early.

In the United Kingdom

Thursday Meditation Classes at 7.30 p.m. UK
inspired and guided by Sarida Brown since 1979, they follow themes to do with the purpose of the spiritual path, and the journey of the seeker in bringing together the knowledge of the heavens and the knowledge of the earth. The sessions combine deep practice, meditation, music and sharing wisdom and experience. Sarida has long experience in the Sufi path and in healing.

7.30 ‑ 9 p.m. UK, in person in Leamington spa, UK, and by Zoom, with occasional day retreats and an annual 4‑day retreat. Language: English. For more information, please contact Sarida here.

Kinnersley Castle panoramic.jpg

Group Retreat in Kinnersley Castle 2024
with Sarida Brown
2nd May (evening) to 6 May.
Language: English.
Please reserve this date; details forthcoming later.

This is a lot to take in. Breathe. And let us support each other in seeing our gift and role in creation at this time.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein.