Spiritual Healing Retreats

Are you longing for a closer connection to the Divine, or a way to integrate an experience? Are you seeking to renew and revitalize your body, mind, heart and soul?

A spiritual healing retreat invites you to step out of the ordinary routine of life. It serves to centre on the essential. The experience of spiritual dimensions promotes renewal. Silence can thus contribute to healing. You will be given practices to connect and to renew yourself, attuning to the Divine and contemplating nature. Our spiritual healing retreats with an orientation towards one's own healing and transformation are accompanied by experienced retreat guides of Inayatiyya Healing.


A voice about
Individual Spiritual Healing Retreats

For me, the spiritual retreat is a particularly powerful space where transformation can happen: In stepping out of the resistance of the false self, of all the patterns and cultural conditioning, I may perceive in a new way. In guided retreats, going within and turning to my own heart, I can reconnect with nature ‑ outside as well as inside, my true nature. It is healing to experience my own limitations and paradoxes from this inner place of unbounded, sacred space. In nightly dreaming or in daily practice of exercises given to me by my retreat guide, I can observe, embrace, and integrate life´s process. Why have I ever stood in the way of this love? I find it most beautiful to do an individual retreat directly in nature: in the forest of the Caduceus Center in Northern Germany.

Khair‑un‑Nisa Kerstin Veigt
Marburg, Germany

Individual Healing Retreats in Northern Germany

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For retreat days, wooden cabins are available in the immediate vicinity of the Caduceus Centre in a quiet forest area on the outskirts of the town. Bad Bevensen is a thermal‑brine spa and is located in the Lüneburg Heath between Uelzen and Lüneburg. Individual retreats are possible on an ongoing basis by arrangement. Meals are freshly prepared on the basis of an organically grown vegetarian or vegan diet.

We use traditional and newly developed forms of meditation. The basic pattern is a process of transformation in stages through exercises from Sufi retreats, Christian contemplation, mindfulness and yoga retreats. The process is adapted to the needs and possibilities of the retreat participants, including the surrounding nature. Other elements, such as creative media, healing treatments, body and psychotherapeutic offers, can be included. The retreats are open to both experienced and novice meditators and are aimed, among others, at people in search of reorientation and regeneration, in spiritual and other crises.

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Individual Healing Retreat Days in Southern Germany

In the south of Germany, at the Akademie‑Lichtung: www.akademie‑lichtung.de it is possible to do individual retreats with Amaité Willand, an experienced retreat guide and Raphaelite healer, in a converted builder’s caravan at the edge of the forest. She leads individual retreats in all situations of life. Also especially for healing.
Languages: German and English.

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This is one of my favorite sentences: "Dive into the ocean of compassion, then look at yourself from there: What do you see then?"

Ibn al 'Arabi


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