Conductor Training Course in Caduceus Centre, Northern Germany
for CONDUCTORS AND CANDIDATES within Inayatiyya Healing

with Kabir Findeisen, Qayyima Brückel, Zahira Limpius, Khair‑un‑Nisa Veigt, Sarfaraz Püscher‑Findeisen, Sarida Brown, and others.

The first training will take place from Friday, February 9th at 18.00 until Sunday, February 11th at 13.00. This weekend, we will focus on the breath.

Language: German

We offer a conductor training for conductors and those who want lead Inayatiyya healing services. It is based on a curriculum by Sarida Brown which we will then continue to work with in the following meetings. The contents of the training are the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, also in connection with practices of spiritual healing from other traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, shamanism, and others.

2. meeting: November, 15th ‑ 17th in 2024
3. meeting: May, 16th to ‑ 18th in 2025 and more (continuously).